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Spicy avocado cocoa mousse

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One of my favourite chocolate desserts, this spicy avocado cocoa mousse is everything: delicately sweet, smooth and lightly spiced up with pink peppercorns. 

Spicy avocado cocoa mousse

Sharing this mousse was somewhat of an aftermath; the initial plan was much different and included an abundance of sweet and savoury Greek gems, all from Oliveology, on of my favourite Borough Market stores. And then things happened and plans changed- much more than plans changed actually. And  for a few days, I was not up for much. [READ MORE]

Halloumi, avocado & red pepper sandwich

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Made with some of my favourite ingredients, this halloumi, avocado & red pepper sandwich is fresh, delicious and filled with colours and textures!

Halloumi, avocado & red pepper sandwich

Just the promise of sunshine and warm weather suffices; it fills me with a child-like anticipation and a strange kind of energy, waking up at the crack of dawn, impatient for the glorious days ahead. And now that it’s here- sunshine, and summer weather- I can’t contain myself. The house is too small and the floor is too sturdy for my dancing feet. There’s far too many things to celebrate. [READ MORE]

Petit pois, avocado & coconut soup

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Today’s soup is the love child of two of my favourite recipes. This beautiful pea & mint winter soup was meant to be with this colorful, summery gazpacho. It was love at first sight, for real. And so it was for me too- how could it not? Sweet vegetables, tons of delicate but lasting flavour, a silky texture- all coming through with each refreshing spoonful. Love at first sight is probably an understatement. [READ MORE]