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Cumin maple syrup roasted beet & sweet potato soup

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Cumin maple syrup roasted beet & sweet potato soup

We’re on official countdown to Christmas, are we not? And apart from everything else that comes with it, I’m also craving comfort food. Like, lots of comfort food. Like, hot, delicious comfort food, exciting enough to match the pre- Christmas spirit, but also quite simple, so we don’t exhaust ourselves just yet. You know where I’m going with this, right? Straight into a big bowl of soup. [READ MORE]

Petit pois, avocado & coconut soup

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Today’s soup is the love child of two of my favourite recipes. This beautiful pea & mint winter soup was meant to be with this colorful, summery gazpacho. It was love at first sight, for real. And so it was for me too- how could it not? Sweet vegetables, tons of delicate but lasting flavour, a silky texture- all coming through with each refreshing spoonful. Love at first sight is probably an understatement. [READ MORE]

Mango & basil gazpacho

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It’s spring! And everything is beautiful and in bloom and the days are longer and the coats are off and all is great and ready for the summer, but… What about soup? You know, that amazing, comforting, go-crazy, give-me-all-you-got winter wonder that warms up the body and the heart- are we really ready to let go of all that comfort and deliciousness until fall? Hell. No. Enter gazpacho, a super cool, super tasty, super colourful soup, perfect for the warm weather and for all you soup lovers out there. [READ MORE]

Chickpea, fennel & chorizo chunky soup

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I’ve been on a major fennel kick lately (evidently). I buy a fennel bulb almost every time I do my groceries shopping- and last time I was at the supermarket and could not find any, I was almost devastated (seriously; I must have asked at least three members of the staff- I looked so desperate and annoying, one of them even employed two of his co-workers to go look if there was any left at the back, while consolidating me and suggesting other vegetables instead. I swear, no person has ever waved at me so enthusiastically when I was leaving the store.) [READ MORE]

Chestnut, leek & sage soup

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For the past few years, I spend New Year’s Eve at my parents house, with family and close friends of my parents. I always anticipate this night mostly because of the food- even though past 12 o’clock things usually deteriorate for me: by that time I have eaten so much, I can hardly move; and yet, instead of staying in and watching Home Alone or Charmed for the gazillionth time while rubbing my belly, I usually have to go out and meet my overenthusiastic, and usually quite drunk friends, for whom apparently the highlight of the night is not food. [READ MORE]

Green peas & mint soup

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The Sunday before I left for Paris, we had  two of my favourite people over for dinner. Since I hadn’t seen them in a while, I had a spectacular meal planned- in my head and in my fridge. But that was also the Sunday we decided to spend lazily, ditching our plans and our phones. So we woke up late, went for a walk in the rain and had a very long brunch, which was followed by a quick session of holiday shopping. [READ MORE]


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Gulash- 620-2

Even though I’m not at all a fussy eater,  I rarely eat meat. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I usually find myself gravitating more towards vegetable or fish when cooking and eating out. The way I eat and cook has been greatly influenced by my parents’ dietary habits: while I was exposed from very early on to various cuisines and ingredients, meat was never on top of the list of foods we’d have, either at home or out. [READ MORE]

Spicy carrot soup

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One of the (few) things I enjoy about cold weather is my craving for comfort food. Most specifically, my craving for soup.

I absolutely LOVE making and eating soups!  As with most of my cooking, this has also been influenced by my mom: the woman can turn just about anything into a delicious soup and I grew up half in awe of this ability of hers and half resenting the frequency in which we had soup for lunch and/or dinner.  Ever since I moved to London however, faced with full-on cold autumns and winters, soups have also become my go-to dish from the moment temperatures begin to drop and this carrot soup was one of the first dishes I  was making on repeat during my first year in London. [READ MORE]