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Earl Grey breakfast quinoa with tahini & jam

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A delicious, warming and filling Earl Grey breakfast quinoa with tahini & jam for those sunny yet cold last days of winter.

Earl grey breakfast quinoa with tahini & jam

The last few days have been somewhat hard, somewhat dragging more than I would have liked. I love winter- and even when I don’t, I’ve learned to at least (pretend to) keep my cool and tolerate it as best as I can. Yet these last weeks before the official arrival of spring almost always get me. Temperatures are still low and the days are still a little gloomy, a little dark, with the occasional deceiving blasts of sunlight, which only intensify the longing for spring. And early mornings, dark and quiet, that’s when I may get blue the most. And yet, those are the best promise for the day about to start. And mine almost always starts with a great breakfast. [READ MORE]

Spicy avocado cocoa mousse

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One of my favourite chocolate desserts, this spicy avocado cocoa mousse is everything: delicately sweet, smooth and lightly spiced up with pink peppercorns. 

Spicy avocado cocoa mousse

Sharing this mousse was somewhat of an aftermath; the initial plan was much different and included an abundance of sweet and savoury Greek gems, all from Oliveology, on of my favourite Borough Market stores. And then things happened and plans changed- much more than plans changed actually. And  for a few days, I was not up for much. [READ MORE]

Blueberry, lemon & pine nut cake

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This blueberry, lemon & pine nut cake is exactly how I love a cake to be: simple, sweet, delicious, maybe a little messy and oh so satisfying. 

Blueberry, lemon & pine nut cake

I don’t remember when exactly, but somewhere along this weekend, it dawned on me how long it’s been since I last made a cake. I’ve spent the better part of the weeks leading up to Easter trying to make tsoureki and failing spectacularly, time after time. I was left with more flat, dense, delicious yet overall miserable looking sweet breads than I knew what to do with. I was also left with an overwhelming desire not to make a dessert for quite some time- enough for my bruised pride to heal and all of me to stay away from sugar and butter and all them beautiful things I had been struggling with. [READ MORE]