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Today’s food for thought is very season appropriate: strawberry love, the future of food keeping cool in tiny house and ice cream macarons!

Since the beginning of the week, the overwhelmingly beautiful weather has all of London flooding the streets, all smiles, few clothes and refreshing drinks and nibbles on hand. I’m following along, barely able to stay indoors to do some work (which I should be doing), instead lunching al fresco in parks, drinking outside till it gets dark and going to bed happy to dream of strawberry and ice cream recipes.

Hope y’all have great plans for the weekend- ours will be a mixture of outdoors shenanigans and lots of work- tomorrow  we’ll go here and on Sunday I’ll be at home cooking and snapping away from early morning, to catch all the beautiful light.

100 ways with eggs. Yes!

Very much into infusing honey and olive oil lately.

The future of food– so funny (and a little scary too)!

This London macaron ice cream shop is all sorts of perfect for these days!

Tiny spaces, huge charm!

Finally, speaking of strawberry love, here are three great ways to get into it:

For breakfast, in this white chocolate Dutch baby.

In sweet & sour bruschettas alongside juicy tomatoes.

With shortbreads and mascarpone cream with fresh thyme and maple.

* Beautiful strawberries/ beautiful light. 


Food for thought

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Spring is finally here! So this food for thought is filled with colour, DIY and culinary inspiration- and a great read suggestion too!

Because of sun’s triumphant return, I’m left feeling more optimistic about the coming of spring and the promise of good weather (finally!). The days are filled with lots of work, but also baking and making things I’ve been wanting for some time now. Not surprisingly, a lot of them involve new plants and flowers and cheese (like this pie and a delicious labneh I’ve made for a collaboration that’s coming up, both of which I’ll be able to enjoy in just two days). Greek Easter is almost here and we’ll be celebrating this Sunday with friends- and while we do, I’ll be filled with bittersweet nostalgia over Easters spent back home with family and friends, in gorgeous warm weather, celebrating traditions in our own way. Have a great weekend y’all, hope it’s a great one whatever you do. [READ MORE]

Food for thought

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Ignoring the very non-spring weather with some food for thought filled with brightness, goodness and a few inspiring gorgeous looking dishes. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend! March has been unexpectedly, pleasantly and exhaustingly full – so a few days with very loose plans and lots of cooking seem like heaven to me. I’ve made a first batch of Greek Easter cookies and they are already gone; next on the list is a couple chubby tsourekia, a big bowl of tzatziki and possibly a full on chocolate cake too. I literally can’t wait to spend hours and hours in the kitchen, dyeing eggs, playing with all sorts of lovely ingredients, tasting and testing. I’ll maybe also be making another pie– this time with lots and lots of cheese, in anticipation of Greek Easter, when Lent comes to an end and I’ll be able to eat my weight in all things dairy. Until then, sending y’all lots of wishes for a relaxing long weekend, filled with  loved ones, delicious food and all sorts of mischief. [READ MORE]

Food for thought

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Balancing between winter and spring, this Food for thought has a spinach pie to die for, great books, great words and penguins too!

Food for thought- spinach pie

Spring has made a timid yet quite powerful appearance in London in the last few days. The days are bright & the nights pleasantly crisp and in the afternoon the light lingers on a little longer. It’s such a welcome change after the unexpected snow and wind from a couple weeks back, yet the forecast for tomorrow is snow again!  I find quite hard to believe, as the living room is currently filled with blinding light and two of the windows are ajar. That’s the nature of spring, I guess; it exists somewhere between winter’s cold and gloominess and summer’s bright hotness. And the meals to be had also seem to be a back and forth between warming, filling soups and light plates made of few delicious ingredients. My sister is in town and we just made a delicious spinach pie (without feta, but still overloaded with seasonal greens), which seems like the perfect balancing act between today’s brightness and the expected cold.

Here’s a few things I’ve been looking at this week:

Wise & beautiful words from 21 inspiring ladies.

New books worth checking out- and this one too.

Writing music for a true crime podcast.

Teenage girls on social media.

The best scones in England! I think a trip to Cornwall is in order…

1.5 million penguins have just been found and it’s the best!

House plants for your kitchen (that first photo!).

Eating this on repeat- it’s heavenly!

* Lots of fresh greens, dill, nutmeg, salt and pepper- all wrapped in layers of think filo pastry. It is as good as it sounds. 

Food for thought

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Food for thought filled with lots of love for all women, moms and mother figures out there, delicious vegetarian recipes and words of wisdom. 

Food for though- coconut croissant

Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday was International Women’s Day, which prompted a lot of thinking, debating with friends and reading. Most of all, it gave me  the opportunity to really think about all the amazing women I’ve been inspired by and looked up to. Some of them are part of my life (my sister, my family of friends, my university professors, ladies I collaborate with) and others part of me forever (my mother and grandmother); and then there are also those who I have never actually met, but make an impact all the same: inspiring food bloggers and photographers whose work and kindness I admire and aspire to, poets and activists, comedians and writers who make me feel so damn proud to be a woman. Here’s to loving each other (especially when the going gets tough, even when we sometimes don’t like each other), being vulnerable and tough, supporting and ambitious, generous and creative. [READ MORE]

Food for thought

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And… for this Friday’s trick… I’m bringing Food for Though back! I so loved that little compilation of all things random or not, from all over the web. 

Food for thought- Stuffed sweet potatoes

And then suddenly things got really busy. I felt I had little time to go through articles properly, to really read and think about them so that I could share them with y’all. As a result, Friday’s post somehow slipped through the cracks. But then I realised I was missing it. And from what I’ve heard and read, some of you did too. So it’s back.

The UK has been going through a kinda spectacular bleak midwinter phase. Even though it’s March already (what?!), there’s lots of snow, lots of wind, lots of layering and lots of comfort snacking happening around here. Soups are all the rage in the last couple of weeks (this one is my favourite yet) and also big bowls of rice and quinoa with all the trimmings. [READ MORE]

Easy Living

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Saying goodbye to summer and its easy living with a love letter to my favourite summer memories. And just like so, I’m almost ready for fall.

Saying goodbye to summer is always hard for me. As enchanting as fall can be, I never want to let go of the easiness that I associate with this season. I drag my feet as much as I can, defy the London weather and change in my routine and I am reluctantly ready around the last days of September; mine and my sister’s birthday is today, which seems as good a time as any to finally embrace autumn and let go of summer. [READ MORE]

Summer brunch in Athens

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This summer brunch in Athens combines some of my favourite things: delicious little bites, good friends, good vibes and the sublime Athenian light.

Summer brunch in Athens

A few days ago, I got to spend a few hours with two of my favourite bloggers- who also happen to be two of my favourite people: Ifigeneia and Calliope, the creative minds and talent behind Teapot and Madame Gâteaux respectively. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so the first couple of hours (more like three, maybe four) were spent mostly catching up and gossiping about mutual acquaintances, rather than trying to set up for our brunch and photo shoot. I wouldn’t have it any other way: one of summer’s (and life’s) greatest pleasures is spending time in a beautiful garden (surrounding Madame Gâteaux’s brand new tea room), with good friends, over cold coffee, exchanging news and ideas. If your sister happens to join too and there’s also a delicious meal to be enjoyed at the end, then the day is close to perfect. [READ MORE]

Greek mezze platter

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This Greek mezze platter features some of my favourites from Oliveology: extra virgin olive oil, delicious cheeses, crunchy olives & thick grape molasses. 

Greek mezze platter

I discovered Oliveology a little over a year ago- yet I knew of it. I’d heard stories from friends, Greek and foreigners alike- delicious stories about superb products, which increased homesickness for the former and filled the latter with a sudden urge to visit Greece. I met Marianna, the sweet and mighty owner and creative force behind the brand, randomly at a food event and subsequently discovered what all the fuss was about. Everything I’ve tried from Oliveology is simply very very good. [READ MORE]

Food for thought

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Friday food for thought with two of my favourites (Christie & Lynch), a fine soup, a scary quiz and the beauty of plates.

food for thought

Happy June, everyone! Summer is officially here and I am once again reminded why I’m so smitten with it: at the moment, I am merely relishing the anticipation of summery things to come (barely there clothes, fruit and vegetable- filled meals, the sea! the mountains!), while taking in the more or less beautiful London weather through lots of impromptu walks and drinks al fresco. This weekend will be shared with friends over a bbq, a cherry pie and- possibly, hopefully- the first homemade ice cream of the season. Have a good one y’all! [READ MORE]