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Cumin maple syrup roasted beet & sweet potato soup

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Cumin maple syrup roasted beet & sweet potato soup

We’re on official countdown to Christmas, are we not? And apart from everything else that comes with it, I’m also craving comfort food. Like, lots of comfort food. Like, hot, delicious comfort food, exciting enough to match the pre- Christmas spirit, but also quite simple, so we don’t exhaust ourselves just yet. You know where I’m going with this, right? Straight into a big bowl of soup. [READ MORE]

Beet & sweet potato chips (with a yogurt, harissa & lemon dip)

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February is my second favourite winter month. It may be lacking December’s wow factor (what with Christmas, presents and general jollyness and holiness), but there’s something about it, don’t you think? Even though it often is much colder than January, the days grow a bit longer little by little, signifying the slow coming of spring. [READ MORE]