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‘Be cool’ margarita popsicles

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I’ve just returned home for a bit of work and a lot of holidaying. Going back is always overwhelming, a messy mosaic of emotions, especially during the first few days: passionate anticipation to be reunited with my family and friends, unnecessary mourning for some of my beloved everyday London rituals, childish excitement for the weather, sporadic teenage-like annoyance at my parents and absolute BFF-ing with my sister. [READ MORE]

Blueberry, lime & lavender galette

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Blueberries are here, people! Yay for blueberries, always and forever! I love all berries, but these dark purple, juicy and sweet beauties might just be my favourite. From the moment they’re in season, I buy them constantly and they’re a staple in most of my breakfast dishes; yogurt with lots of seeds and nuts, lemony pancakes or even smoothies, you name it and there’s probably blueberries in it. But that’s not all; let’s not forget dessert, it would be such a sin. Summer berries are the superstar of sweet treats, especially pies. [READ MORE]

Boozy pear & lime olive oil cake

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Tomorrow is Bonfire Night; I find the story behind this anniversary fascinating and I can think of few things as exciting and pretty as a mid-week firework-filled night. This year, the mild weather makes me anticipate the 5th of November even more: it means that I can watch the fireworks dressed nicely and looking cool and collected- as opposed to previous years, where I looked like a shivering, grumpy overstuffed sausage. [READ MORE]