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Lemonade with lime, spearmint & honey

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I’ve been making this lemonade with lime, spearmint & honey for about a month now, non stop. It’s sweet and sour, fragrant and utterly addictive!

Lemonade with lime, spearmint & honey

My go-to drink in the summer is always water: cold, but not too cold, a couple tall glasses at a time. I drink lots and lots throughout the day, along with a couple short strong coffees in the morning and crispy white wine some nights. My sister often makes fills big jugs with lemon wedges, cucumber slices, handfuls of mint or basil and water and it’s the most refreshing drink ever! [READ MORE]

Blueberry, basil & lime yogurt cheesecake

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A light and fluffy blueberry, basil & lime yogurt cheesecake, made with cottage cheese, yogurt and the pretties blueberries.

I spent many of my teenage years dreaming of making the perfect cheesecake; the inspiration was Miranda, a friend of my parents. Everything she made, and still makes, was delicious, beautifully presented, utterly satisfying and warming, the way only a meal made with lots of love and attention can be. My favourites were her cheesecake and tiramisu. I marvelled at them for years, their perfect shape, layers of goodness and flavour- my god, so much flavour! [READ MORE]

Mushroom & prawn tacos with spicy pineapple & lime salsa

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My latest food crush is these mushroom & prawn tacos with spicy pineapple & lime salsa. So much flavour, so many colours, never enough tacos!

Mushroom & prawn tacos with spicy pineapple & lime salsa

My Easter Lent adventure is coming to an end this Sunday; it’s been both hard and not a big deal and I’ve been kind of a good sport about my (almost) vegan diet in the last 50 days or so. There has been moaning, even despair at times (I have a flair for the dramatic more than I care to admit). Mostly there’s been a lot of delicious favourites and experimentation too featuring the following: pulses, tahini, fresh and cooked veggies, nuts and a fair amount of prawns. While I normally eat lots of fish, in the absence of it, I rediscovered how much I love seafood: I devoured this pasta a couple times and made delicious steamed mussels with lots of garlic and a hearty side of toasted bread; yet, the dish I enjoyed the most during this period are these tacos. [READ MORE]

Smooth pea & spinach soup with lemongrass, ginger & fresh herbs (and a giveaway!)

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This delicious and filling smooth pea & spinach soup with lemongrass, ginger & fresh herbs lives almost exactly between winter and spring.

Smooth pea & spinach soup with lemongrass, ginger & fresh herbs

Winter had made an unexpected and very prominent come back to London this week. The days are very cold, deceivingly sunny and filled with beautiful snow. It seems like the seasons are at odds with each other: spring is attempting an early take over, gifting us with persistent brightness, while winter is firmly standing its ground with temperatures below zero and bitter gusts of wind. I love it all the same. The days are longer already, the snow is as always a sight for sore eyes and the cold nights beg for warmth and comfort. These may come in different forms (I love a fragrant hot toddy, a warm bowl of morning goodness and of course a slice of seasonal delight) but soups are almost always my go to. [READ MORE]

‘Be cool’ margarita popsicles

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I’ve just returned home for a bit of work and a lot of holidaying. Going back is always overwhelming, a messy mosaic of emotions, especially during the first few days: passionate anticipation to be reunited with my family and friends, unnecessary mourning for some of my beloved everyday London rituals, childish excitement for the weather, sporadic teenage-like annoyance at my parents and absolute BFF-ing with my sister. [READ MORE]

Blueberry, lime & lavender galette

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Blueberries are here, people! Yay for blueberries, always and forever! I love all berries, but these dark purple, juicy and sweet beauties might just be my favourite. From the moment they’re in season, I buy them constantly and they’re a staple in most of my breakfast dishes; yogurt with lots of seeds and nuts, lemony pancakes or even smoothies, you name it and there’s probably blueberries in it. But that’s not all; let’s not forget dessert, it would be such a sin. Summer berries are the superstar of sweet treats, especially pies. [READ MORE]

Boozy pear & lime olive oil cake

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PearOliveOilCake- 620-4

Tomorrow is Bonfire Night; I find the story behind this anniversary fascinating and I can think of few things as exciting and pretty as a mid-week firework-filled night. This year, the mild weather makes me anticipate the 5th of November even more: it means that I can watch the fireworks dressed nicely and looking cool and collected- as opposed to previous years, where I looked like a shivering, grumpy overstuffed sausage. [READ MORE]