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My favourite green smoothie

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Delicious and refreshing, filled with green veggies, apple, ginger and turmeric, this is a winner all around.

My favourite green smoothie

A few days ago, it was all about salted caramel sauce. Today it’s about my favourite green smoothie. But really, honestly, essentially, it’s all about balance. It really is.

Αs beguiled I am with chocolate and butter (there’s few things as satisfying as a big fat chunk of dark chocolate or thick layer of french or irish butter on crusty bread, topped with a pinch of fleur de sel) I also LOVE green smoothies. Using a blender is apparently better than a juicer, as more fiber is retained, keep them on the thick side and enjoy them profoundly every time. I love how refreshing they are, I love that I can taste every single ingredient and I am crazy about their beautiful colour. [READ MORE]