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Smooth pea & spinach soup with lemongrass, ginger & fresh herbs (and a giveaway!)

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This delicious and filling smooth pea & spinach soup with lemongrass, ginger & fresh herbs lives almost exactly between winter and spring.

Smooth pea & spinach soup with lemongrass, ginger & fresh herbs

Winter had made an unexpected and very prominent come back to London this week. The days are very cold, deceivingly sunny and filled with beautiful snow. It seems like the seasons are at odds with each other: spring is attempting an early take over, gifting us with persistent brightness, while winter is firmly standing its ground with temperatures below zero and bitter gusts of wind. I love it all the same. The days are longer already, the snow is as always a sight for sore eyes and the cold nights beg for warmth and comfort. These may come in different forms (I love a fragrant hot toddy, a warm bowl of morning goodness and of course a slice of seasonal delight) but soups are almost always my go to. [READ MORE]

Very addictive homemade chilli oil

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This very addictive homemade chilli oil is my favourite recipe from Jeremy Pang’s Hong Kong Diner. I LOVE IT with eggs & avocado!

Very addictive homemade chilli oil

I’ve had a soft spot for this book even before it came out- see, the contributing author is Adrienne Katz Kennedy, one of my favourite ladies, mama & cook extraordinaire and vital part of School of Wok for some time now. And of course, I had also experienced first hand the cooking of super chef Jeremy Pang, as all as his generous involvement in the community – so it was a no brainer really. Still, when I got the book, it really blew me away: flicking through the pages, Hong Kong and its vibrant, multicoloured, intense food scene comes to life: there’s street snacks you want to have a passionate love affair with (I tried the pork chop crusty rolls at the book’s launch and I was instantly hooked), dumpling and baos galore (all beautifully photographed by Kris Kirkham), noodle & rice pots you’ll want to burry your head in (I can’t wait to try the steamed rice one with Chinese sausage & salted egg) and lots of sides and extras. [READ MORE]

My favourite green smoothie

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Delicious and refreshing, filled with green veggies, apple, ginger and turmeric, this is a winner all around.

My favourite green smoothie

A few days ago, it was all about salted caramel sauce. Today it’s about my favourite green smoothie. But really, honestly, essentially, it’s all about balance. It really is.

Αs beguiled I am with chocolate and butter (there’s few things as satisfying as a big fat chunk of dark chocolate or thick layer of french or irish butter on crusty bread, topped with a pinch of fleur de sel) I also LOVE green smoothies. Using a blender is apparently better than a juicer, as more fiber is retained, keep them on the thick side and enjoy them profoundly every time. I love how refreshing they are, I love that I can taste every single ingredient and I am crazy about their beautiful colour. [READ MORE]