7 totally nuts ideas for the tastiest nut recipes

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7 totally tasty nut recipes

7 tasty nut recipes from The Tasty Other, filled with all their goodness.  I think I first fell in love with nuts in my very early twenties.  We always had them around the house. But where I most enjoyed them was at my father’s office, when he’d have me over for one of our talks.  My father is a shrink. So when I tell people we talk, I think they imagine that we have these very long, profound discussions about life, its meaning and other such topics.  In reality, our talks are more like simultaneous partaking in our favourite activities each. My dad, over a glass of whiskey and lots of roasted salted nuts, talks politics, books or himself (by far his favourite topic).  He takes very long, very detailed talks down memory lane, while mentally marvelling at his storytelling abilities and his overall awesomeness.  His speeches are almost always concluded with an elaborate presentation of how amazing my mom is.  Really, she’s really, nothing short of a rare unicorn.  Therefore both my sister and I should always listen to her, do what she says and never ever tire her.  My activities on the other hand include (or rather are limited to) the following: non-stop eating of said nuts, while simultaneously scanning the bookshelves around me Terminator-style for books to take with me on my way out.

7 totally tasty nut recipes

So, salted roasted nuts and me were very good friends up until a few years ago.  Then I realised that all their healthy benefits were probably buried under all that salt.  So, I started eating them raw.  At first I was finding them really not very exciting.  I would however keep eating them, because they were nuts and we were already very good friends.  In due time, my palate got the message and I begun to appreciate the unique flavour each variety had.  Eventually, I got excited.  Like, really excited.  That was the point of no return: I was hooked for ever and now I’m all about nut recipes.  There are very few dishes I make that don’t contain nuts.  This way, I can enjoy yet again their wholesome, tasty and irresistible crunch.

7 totally nuts ideas:  Nut recipes that are good for you, delicious and easy to make.

Pistachios: these little gems are so pretty, they’d make absolutely any dish shine- and I’m sure you’ll love them in this chunky cherry and tahini granola.

Almonds: perfect paired with lots of herbs and chicken in a warm sweet and savoury wild rice salad.

Brazils: in Greece, Baklava is traditionally made with walnuts alone- I like to mix the nutty situation a bit and add lots of brazils and pistachios as well.

Cashews: this caramel corn is a treat on any given moment but especially appropriate this time of the year, for our Halloween festivities.

Walnuts: I usually find walnuts too rich and overpowering- but they’re irresistible in breads, adding texture and nutty earthiness.

Pecans: perfect when paired with dates and lime zest in this sticky and delicious breakfast bars.

And let’s not forget about them mixed seeds: ideal when added to speedy breakfast bowls, but also shining here, in these quick and crispy flatbreads.

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