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Creamy sunchoke, almond & dill pasta

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Creamy sunchoke, almond & dill pasta

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the last day of the BHMA Food Blog Awards competition. Maybe by now you’ve had enough of it: enough mentions, shout-outs, recipes featuring Knorr stocks (which are delicious btw, ┬ácompetition or not). But bear with me just for a tinsy bit longer. Bear with me just long enough to tell you a little bit about this delicious pasta dish. [READ MORE]

Herby & spicy zucchini fritters

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I have a love & hate relationship with fried food. I love it, because it’s delicious and crunchy and hitting all the round notes and I hate it, because I dread frying. You know, that ol’ thing, where you need to stand over a hot pan, turning pieces of fish, or dough or whatever else, having the whole house and your hair smelling like a diner? Yup, that one. [READ MORE]