How to put together the perfect fall cheese platter

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Perfect fall cheese platter

My love for cheese and entertaining people at home has been well-documented here (especially the cheesy part).  Understandably, I consider putting together the perfect fall cheese platter essential (and so much fun!) for a relaxed lunch or dinner at home. I love cheese.  All kinds, all textures, all smells.  What I love even more, is sharing it with others. Well, that’s not entirely true.  I’m up for sharing if there’s enough cheese available.  Let me give an example: one of the biggest fights I’ve ever had with Mike was because of a big chunk of cheese;  I’d chosen it carefully and was keeping in the fridge, guarding it like a dragon;  one day I came back from work late to discover that most of my precious had been hacked away and consumed by him and one of his friends.  Not quite a deal breaker, but close.  So, to recap, sharing cheese I love, as long as there’s plenty of it, purposely purchased for sharing. [READ MORE]

Parmesan, nigella & mustard seed biscuits

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Soon after I moved to London, I discovered scones. Once I did, I celebrated this discovery by religiously consuming a scone once a week, every Saturday morning right before work. I was hooked: rich, not too sweet, crumbly and buttery, scones were pretty much the sole reason I was only moderately miserable having to wake up early of a freaking Saturday. [READ MORE]

Pickled summer vegetables

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This week is devoted to the last days of summer. It’s an homage of sorts to that glorious season and all its fresh and delicious vegetables, their colour and smells. This summer has truly been unforgettable: it was long and relaxing, filled with family, refreshing naps, layers of sunscreen, blinding sun, friends, weddings, so much laughter and lots of food. [READ MORE]

Fig & ricotta crostini

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My very long holiday is slowly coming to an end. I spent the short break I took from the blog eating loads of things from our garden, tasting the most delicious roast chicken I’ve had, trying to recreate the taste and look of mine and my sisters favourite summer nectarine cake/tart and making loads of jam. All these I call research, you know? Tasting as many ingredients as possible, making different combinations, getting my hands dirty, my senses intrigued and my tummy filled. [READ MORE]

Sweet roasted grapes

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This week is (almost) all about grapes. The star fruits of the summer are usually watermelon and melon, are they not? They are juicy, sweet and absolutely irresistible with their gorgeous colours and lovely flesh. I get it, I really do, you can’t say no to them, you can’t really have summer without them. But let’s go back to grapes: so many varieties, each in a beautiful, unique shade and that taste! sweet and tart, bursting in your mouth one berry at a time. Melons and watermelons also make me starstruck, but my true soft spot is reserved all year round for grapes. [READ MORE]

Moroccan mint & peach ice tea

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Greece, apart from chaotic, messy and gorgeous, is also super hot during the summer months. Like, super super hot, you guys. Living in London, I long for bright long days, striking blue clear skies and sunshine throughout the year. Yet, every time I return, I’m always literally taken aback by the heat. It’s overwhelming and at times tiring, but still, it’s such a big part of Greek summer, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way no matter how much I whine about it. [READ MORE]

Herby & spicy zucchini fritters

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I have a love & hate relationship with fried food. I love it, because it’s delicious and crunchy and hitting all the round notes and I hate it, because I dread frying. You know, that ol’ thing, where you need to stand over a hot pan, turning pieces of fish, or dough or whatever else, having the whole house and your hair smelling like a diner? Yup, that one. [READ MORE]

Strawberry limeade

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As a kid and teenager, I never drunk anything apart from water, milk and freshly squeezed juices; there were never sodas or ready made juices around and I never really craved them. Our first summer after high school, when I had discovered and was passionately devoted to coffee, my sister, friends and I decided (among other, irrelevant things) to cut down on coffee. [READ MORE]