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Grape spoon dessert

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Spoon desserts are quite the Greek tradition. They’re also very popular, very sweet and can be made using almost any kind of fruit boiled with sugar and oftentimes added herbs and/or spices. When I was a kid and a teenager I considered them unbearably uncool, boring and tasteless; I mean, it was just cooked fruit in a sugary syrup. There was no texture, no fluffiness, no layers and, most importantly, no chocolate or even butter! I snubbed them and thought I was so right to do so. [READ MORE]

Sweet roasted grapes

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This week is (almost) all about grapes. The star fruits of the summer are usually watermelon and melon, are they not? They are juicy, sweet and absolutely irresistible with their gorgeous colours and lovely flesh. I get it, I really do, you can’t say no to them, you can’t really have summer without them. But let’s go back to grapes: so many varieties, each in a beautiful, unique shade and that taste! sweet and tart, bursting in your mouth one berry at a time. Melons and watermelons also make me starstruck, but my true soft spot is reserved all year round for grapes. [READ MORE]