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Chilli, lemon zest & parmesan popcorn

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Happy first of November y’all! I like this time of year- it’s not “OMG it’s Christmas” spectacular, nor “can’t wait to hit the beach” carefree, yet there’s something about this month, with it’s dark afternoons and first cold blasts, that fills me with a somewhat calm sense of comfort and an ever so slight excitement for the more glamorous month which follows. [READ MORE]

Parmesan, za’atar & sesame straws

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Parmesan, za'atar & sesame straws

Throughout the holidays, one of the things I enjoyed the most about the various dinner we attended or hosted at home was the starters. Not the meat, which was in overwhelming abundance, not the wine, which was flowing non stop, but the little bits and pieces available before the actual meal: different kinds of cheese paired with fresh and dried fruit, beautiful charcuterie, smoked salmon- they were all not only delicious enough to almost keep me from enjoying the rest of the meal, but also so pretty. [READ MORE]

Parmesan, nigella & mustard seed biscuits

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Soon after I moved to London, I discovered scones. Once I did, I celebrated this discovery by religiously consuming a scone once a week, every Saturday morning right before work. I was hooked: rich, not too sweet, crumbly and buttery, scones were pretty much the sole reason I was only moderately miserable having to wake up early of a freaking Saturday. [READ MORE]