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Coconut milk, maple & lime quinoa with caramelised pears & toasted hazelnuts

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It’s been a little over week since I’ve been back and I’m still struggling. I’m not worried though- it’s only part of my usual back-to-school drama, which I live out to the fullest, with frequent outbursts, cursing on the weather, the traffic, the boots and layers I now have to live in and everything else, really. [READ MORE]

Very chocolatey hazelnut brownies

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It really doesn’t take much to throw a successful dinner party; as I’ve shared on Monday’s post, as long as you get a bit organised with the prep required, being surrounded by good friends alone is a guarantee for a fun night in. Even though preparing and plating appetisers is my favourite ‘before’ step, the part of the meal I always anticipate the most is the dessert. [READ MORE]