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Today is a good day. For one, it’s Friday, which has been my favourite day ever since I was like 5. It’s also super sunny (for about a week now) and in London, this alone is a cause for celebration. As if these two were not hooray-worthy enough, there’s more: The Tasty Other has been nominated for Best Blog at the BHMA Gourmet Food Blog Awards. Wait, what?!?

Gourmet has been one of my favourite reads and constant source of culinary inspiration for many years now. When I’m back home, I devour it as soon as I get my hands on it, but even when I’m in London, I hardly ever miss an issue: my mom frequently sends me care packages, which are always packed with nuts, bars of dark chocolate, a random selection of articles, dorky cards often featuring cats and, the best part, the latest issue of Gourmet! It’s always a pleasure going through its pages and now it’s an honour to be featured there as a finalist- especially amongst so many terribly talented bloggers, many of which I follow almost religiously.

P.S. You can find a list of the finalists here and vote for the Tasty Other here.


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  1. Magda says:

    Καλησπέρα Αμαρυλλίς! Χαίρομαι πολύ που σε ανακάλυψα μέσω των βραβείων. Συγχαρητήρια!

    • amaryllis says:

      Καλησπέρα Μάγδα! Σ’ ευχαριστώ πολύ για το μήνυμά σου, συγχαρητήρια και σ’ εσένα! Μου αρέσει πολύ το blog σου- πέραν του ότι μου έχεις ανοίξει τα μάτια σχετικά με πολλές ελληνικές συνταγές, μπορώ να ταυτιστώ και με την αίσθηση νόστου που διέπει πολλές από αυτές. Καλή συνέχεια, ελπίζω να τα πούμε και από κοντά κάποια στιγμή.

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