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Date, hazelnut & coconut fudge

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Love at first bite: this super healthy, super quick date, hazelnut & coconut fudge is the perfect little treat for your loved ones.

I believe I have already mentioned here my affection for Valentine’s Day celebrations. It’s a silly day and these are silly sentiments, really, but I am holding on to both with a somewhat nostalgic persistence. I am not quite sure what being a ‘romantic’ entails nor can I put in precise words my definition of a romance. Yet, I have the persistent and almost fantastic certainty that my parents share a love which is both one for the books and messily and reassuringly ordinary. I like to think that Mike’s and mine romance shares both these attributes and somehow balances between the overwhelmingly extraordinary and the comforts of a serene routine. [READ MORE]

Spicy fruit & nut couscous

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  Spicy fruit & nut couscous

Couscous is probably my favourite speedy food. It’s the perfect blank canvas for easy comfort food and while it can turn super delicious with very few additions, it never feels heavy, but always keeps its delicate flavour and appearance. Now that spring is (almost) around the corner, more so than before, I crave food that’s full of flavour, but also light; fresh salads filled with greens and herbs are on heavy rotation again and what I most often go for for a main is a plate of delicious couscous. I’ve made this vegetable variation with broccoli & cauliflower a couple times, but for this spicy fruit & nut couscous, the real thing is required. [READ MORE]

Date & olive spread

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Let’s talk snacks; I have an endless love for them (which has well been documented here, here, here, as well as in various conversations I’ve had both with myself, as well as with others- often without being asked) and an overwhelming need to constantly come up with new recipes and ways to sneak them in my daily schedule. For example, when I’m watching a film or TV, there needs to be snacks around. Sometimes they are as simple as popcorn or homemade spicy nuts, but often they’ll be slightly more elaborate, like a small selection of cheeses or hummus, along with crackers and crudités. You see, Mike and I disagree almost always on what to watch, but we’re always, and I mean always, on the same page when it comes to snacks: the more the merrier and the tastier the better. [READ MORE]

Spicy date spread

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I’ve been under a California spall recently. Ever since I got my hands on this beautiful book, I’ve been day-dreaming of palm trees, sandy beaches, vineyards and houses on hills; I’ve been blasting The Beach Boys all day on my iPod and, going through photos from Coachella festivals, I’ve been wishing I were there.

As it happens, many of my wishes come true through food. I’ve been living vicariously through dishes, mine and others’ for a long time now, and even though this often only adds to my longing of visiting places, it also makes me appreciate food’s ability to minimize distances and help us appreciate what we have here, now. So while I am here, now, I can pay homage to the Golden State the best way I know how: through food. [READ MORE]