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Spring is finally here! So this food for thought is filled with colour, DIY and culinary inspiration- and a great read suggestion too!

Because of sun’s triumphant return, I’m left feeling more optimistic about the coming of spring and the promise of good weather (finally!). The days are filled with lots of work, but also baking and making things I’ve been wanting for some time now. Not surprisingly, a lot of them involve new plants and flowers and cheese (like this pie and a delicious labneh I’ve made for a collaboration that’s coming up, both of which I’ll be able to enjoy in just two days). Greek Easter is almost here and we’ll be celebrating this Sunday with friends- and while we do, I’ll be filled with bittersweet nostalgia over Easters spent back home with family and friends, in gorgeous warm weather, celebrating traditions in our own way. Have a great weekend y’all, hope it’s a great one whatever you do.

What a house- and what a woman!

Our house is finally (almost) filled with plants, so this DIY has to happen asap.

Can’t wait to give this a try.

Gorgeous photos of one of my all time favourites.

Cheap eats from around the world (can’t get enough of number 6- obviously).

A must see exhibition of all the greats.

This: absolutely, entirely, so right up my alley!

Colour-coding the season’s must-haves.

* The Strand in full bloom.

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