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Spicy savoy cabbage & shiitake miso soup

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This spicy savoy cabbage & shiitake miso soup is filled with all the vegetables and all the goodness & is perfect for winter weather & nasty colds. Not surprisingly, this cold and gloomy weather is just heavenly for a house cat like myself. I spent the whole of Sunday between the couch and the kitchen, […]

Carrot soup with buttermilk & grape molasses

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Warming, spicy and subtly sweet, this carrot soup with buttermilk & grape molasses  is perfect for these first chilly fall days (and nights). I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m quite certain that my mom’s favourite fall and winter dish to make and serve is soup. Hers have always been and still are always […]

Cumin maple syrup roasted beet & sweet potato soup

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We’re on official countdown to Christmas, are we not? And apart from everything else that comes with it, I’m also craving comfort food. Like, lots of comfort food. Like, hot, delicious comfort food, exciting enough to match the pre- Christmas spirit, but also quite simple, so we don’t exhaust ourselves just yet. You know where […]

Broccoli, apple, shallot & stilton soup

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Wednesday was all about the little bits and bobs that’ll help us embrace fall. Now that we have that part all figured out, it’s time for more comfort, more fall love. And what better way to give and receive love than through food? (There are some other ways, sure, but let’s stick to cooking here).

Watermelon, tomato & feta soup

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Remember how last week I was all about grapes and how melons and watermelons should make way for them already so they could shine they way the should? Well, just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. Watermelons that is. They’ve charmed me once again.

Petit pois, avocado & coconut soup

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Today’s soup is the love child of two of my favourite recipes. This beautiful pea & mint winter soup was meant to be with this colorful, summery gazpacho. It was love at first sight, for real. And so it was for me too- how could it not? Sweet vegetables, tons of delicate but lasting flavour, […]

Chickpea, fennel & chorizo chunky soup

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I’ve been on a major fennel kick lately (evidently). I buy a fennel bulb almost every time I do my groceries shopping- and last time I was at the supermarket and could not find any, I was almost devastated (seriously; I must have asked at least three members of the staff- I looked so desperate […]

Chicken, tofu & shiitake miso soup

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Here’s how I’m picturing this: it’s the middle of the week and you’re tired. Tired from work, play, whatever, tired of all the Valentine buzz around you, so tired, that all you need is to bury your woes (and your face) in one single meal. It has to be soup, right? Cause soups is easy […]

Chestnut, leek & sage soup

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For the past few years, I spend New Year’s Eve at my parents house, with family and close friends of my parents. I always anticipate this night mostly because of the food- even though past 12 o’clock things usually deteriorate for me: by that time I have eaten so much, I can hardly move; and […]