Happy Holidays!

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Christmas is just one short breath away! I literally cannot wait for the 25th and the week until the new year. Although I haven’t been feeling super festive this time around, I am still a sucker for all things Christmas and a believer in the holidays’ spirit. 2016 has been a weird one. It’s been super, fantastic and overwhelmingly beautiful (Mike’s film won a freaking Academy Award, we threw a super cool party/wedding for our family and family of friends and then went off on a dreamy Cali honeymoon); at the same time, on political, global and human-related fronts it was hard, mean, sad and overall a downright bitch of a year.

I am very much looking forward to 2017- there’s absolutely no resolutions whatsoever, but there’s plans to pursue, things to change and others to keep exactly as they are, trips to enjoy and people to share the good and the bad with.

Lots of wishes to y’all for happy holidays filled with exactly what makes you smile.

PS. If you ‘re still on the lookout for festive recipes, here’s a few suggestions:

Salad is essential and if we play our cards right, it can also double as a gorgeous, edible centerpiece: hearty quinoa, squash warm salad with lots of goat cheese or my all time favourite winter salad (which I’ll be making this Sunday).

Starters should be easy and filled with seasonal flavours and soup fit the bill perfectly: the most gorgeous beet and sweet potato one flavoured with cumin and maple syrup or chunky, salty broccoli and apple, flavoured with super festive stilton and sage.

Turkey, pork, beef or veggie all around- whichever way you choose to go, the main attraction will need some tasty sidekicks, such as this perfectly smooth horseradish mash and these blue cheese and raising sprouts.

And to finish things off: a foolproof 6-ingredients molten chocolate cake or these pretty parfaits with layers and layers of peanut butter, cream and chocolate. And if you’re not a chocolate fan (WHAT? who are you?), the ultimate carrot/mango cake, flavoured with delicious spices and covered with tons of lime cream cheese frosting.

* The best brownies I’ve ever made- coming up real soon.


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