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food for thought

We got married last Friday and let me tell you, those cliches about weddings, they’re all true: the month leading up to the day was a damn stressful one, filled with all sorts of tension, bickering and mini fights and the day of was the best goddamn day ever.

After a venue change ten days before, the priest calling two hours before the ceremony to inform us that he felt he was having a stroke and also, by the way, weddings are not to be performed on a Friday, one of our little guests fainting during the ceremony, two earthquakes at the beginning of the reception and cops showing up at 3am to stop the party- after all that, we’re both left exhausted, deliriously happy and so grateful to our families and family of friends.

The only downside to all of the above was spending what seemed like an eternity away from the kitchen and away from here. I’ve missed it and y’all so much and I literally cannot wait to get back in the game. Here’s some recipes from around the web which are sure to give me back my mojo. Here’s to a great weekend and many tasty other things to come!

Cherry ice cream, pistachios and shortbread cookies dunked in silky bittersweet chocolate- ice cream season is still on, you guys! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

After over a month away from London, I’m actually really missing salmon- and look at how delicious it looks combined with ​braised artichoke hearts, chubby baby tomatoes in this warm, delicious salad!

I’ve always wanted to give tres leches cake a try- and what better time than now, with autumn approaching, when the going may start to get tough and our sugar cravings crazier?

I have tart cherries in my pantry almost always, courtesy of my mom who sends them over quite frequently. They’re not only a delicious quick snack, but make a great addition to savoury dishes- like in this herby, lemony tabbouleh.

I can’t wait to start my day with this tea & lavender french toast, topped with blueberries and whipped cream.

Speaking of starting the day- burritos for breakfast? Yes. Please.

Eggs on every meal- especially in this creamy, saucy Çilbir on toast.

Nachos. Cheese. Beer. All the trimmings. Colder days, be damned.

* Lavender and rosemary for my wedding bouquet; put together by my beautiful girls, photographed by my little Zoe.

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