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Pickled onion & smoked salmon breakfast platter

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This breakfast platter with pickled onions and smoked salmon is one of my favourite things to wake up to on a lazy weekend. 

Pickled onion & smoked salmon brakfast platter

I love breakfast every day of the week; I usually wake up quite early, between 7 and 7.30, and after painstakingly following my morning routine, I start preparing breakfast. It may be just yogurt with homemade granola or honeyed fruit, overnight oats or pipping hot oatmeal; oftentimes it’s eggs on toast, alongside the obligatory avocado slices, almost buried under crunchy dukkah or sumac. Or it can be slices of seeded bread, with thick tahini, fruit and sweet Greek honey. Whatever it is, it’s never the same and I devour it with enthusiasm almost without fail. [READ MORE]

Toast 3 ways

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Toast 3 ways

One of the things rarely found in our kitchen is bread. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE bread, both making and (even more) eating it. The main reason for its absence is simple: bakeries are not the same here as back home. Seriously, Greece seems to have a bakery in almost every corner; each is filled with every type of bread and any sweet and savoury dough-y thing imaginable*, making it very hard to resist and not buy a fragrant loaf or a bag of delicious treats. In additional to that, Mike, who loves treats of any kind (especially the chocolate and peanut butter kind) is quite indifferent when it comes to bread. He never asks for it nor buys it, so it’s easy for me to follow his lead. [READ MORE]