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Dinner party appetiser: hummus & mini flatbreads

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Appetisers are my favourite thing to prep for a dinner party; they can be as simple as the hummus featured here- or even a little different, such as this fragrant quince paste, perfectly paired with cheese. You don’t have to go all out on appetisers; make sure there’s enough for your guests to nibble on while enjoying some drinks and get in the mood for dinner and plate them in a simple, yet appealing way to set the tone for the rest of the night. [READ MORE]

Roasted pumpkin seeds

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Pumpkins must be my favourite autumnal ingredient; growing up, we’d usually cook with the squashes from our garden, but ever since I moved to London, it seems like I’m discovering a new kind of pumpkin every year. I love the variety in shapes and colours, how durable they are, as well as their versatility: soups, quiches, pies, cheesecakes- I’ve incorporating pumpkin in so many dishes, and I still can’t get enough. [READ MORE]

Nutty granola

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This week is all about breakfast; my favourite meal of the day, my favourite thing to make and eat.

“Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life… Somewhere, someone is starting breakfast and thinking, ‘Today will be better than yesterday’…Wherever, whenever breakfast comes, it’s a mouthful of stoic optimism.”,  writes A.A. Gill in ‘Breakfast at the Wolseley’.  [READ MORE]

Spicy carrot soup

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One of the (few) things I enjoy about cold weather is my craving for comfort food. Most specifically, my craving for soup.

I absolutely LOVE making and eating soups!  As with most of my cooking, this has also been influenced by my mom: the woman can turn just about anything into a delicious soup and I grew up half in awe of this ability of hers and half resenting the frequency in which we had soup for lunch and/or dinner.  Ever since I moved to London however, faced with full-on cold autumns and winters, soups have also become my go-to dish from the moment temperatures begin to drop and this carrot soup was one of the first dishes I  was making on repeat during my first year in London. [READ MORE]


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It seems that lately, I ‘ve been using cardamom almost every time I bake. As filling for buns, added to cream cheese frosting for a carrot cake or to crunchy granola. I ‘ve been more reluctant to incorporate it in savoury dishes, but I have discovered it gives great flavour to a quick vegetable rice and a nice kick to a simple pumpkin soup.  [READ MORE]

Spicy apple cake

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With September well underway, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that summer is gone. It took me a while. Just two weeks ago, I was still in flip flops and light summers dresses, sunglasses almost permanently on, no watch, just suncream. It feels like I’ve blinked and found myself wearing layers again and trying assume a happy back-to-school attitude. [READ MORE]

Spicy date spread

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I’ve been under a California spall recently. Ever since I got my hands on this beautiful book, I’ve been day-dreaming of palm trees, sandy beaches, vineyards and houses on hills; I’ve been blasting The Beach Boys all day on my iPod and, going through photos from Coachella festivals, I’ve been wishing I were there.

As it happens, many of my wishes come true through food. I’ve been living vicariously through dishes, mine and others’ for a long time now, and even though this often only adds to my longing of visiting places, it also makes me appreciate food’s ability to minimize distances and help us appreciate what we have here, now. So while I am here, now, I can pay homage to the Golden State the best way I know how: through food. [READ MORE]