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Pumpkin, crispy bacon & feta muffins

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I know it’s almost Christmas (wait, what???) and all I should be thinking of is presents (edible or otherwise) and delicious seasonal desserts. I know. But I still have a small (not so small) place in my heart for pumpkins. My go-to dishes are usually soup or a banana-style sweet loaf (minus the bananas) but this year I got on a serious muffin roll. There were sweet, nutty muffins with cream cheese frosting, but also generous sized savoury ones. Oh man, these ones were my favourite yet. [READ MORE]

Goat cheese, gruyère & orzo stuffed pumpkin

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Goat cheese, gruyère & orzo stuffed pumpkin

Beware people, pumpkin craziness season is upon us! All sizes, all colours and shapes, some ridiculously overprices, but all so lovely, pumpkins are currently les belles of the ball. You really can’t escape them- but honestly, why would you want to? Sweet in taste and with such deep autumn-y colours, they stand out both as decorations but also as part of so many dishes, sweet and savoury as well. [READ MORE]

Crunchy pumpkin & feta turnovers

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One of my favourite treats during the holiday season was the little cheese pies (tyropitakia) my maternal grandma used to make; shaped like teeny tiny croissants, filled with feta and brushed with lots of butter, they were delicious and irresistible- like, really irresistible: I usually ate three in a row, took a break, then had another three, and repeat all over again, as practice makes perfect.


Roasted pumpkin seeds

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Pumpkins must be my favourite autumnal ingredient; growing up, we’d usually cook with the squashes from our garden, but ever since I moved to London, it seems like I’m discovering a new kind of pumpkin every year. I love the variety in shapes and colours, how durable they are, as well as their versatility: soups, quiches, pies, cheesecakes- I’ve incorporating pumpkin in so many dishes, and I still can’t get enough. [READ MORE]