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Cod, samphire & basil risotto

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Cod Risotto-3

I don’t cook risotto very often, which is weird, considering how much I love it. A few years ago, I used to make it almost once a week. It was my Saturday dish, the main reason I’d wake up in a moderately good mood at 7am for 5 years straight, go teach and then come back, beat yet anxious to cook and get lost in what I considered then the absolute comfort food: delicate, buttery carbs, a couple vegetables, lots of black pepper and a hefty dose of parmesan. I still consider it utterly comforting and delicious. I just don’t make it as often. Still, when I eat out and I spot risotto on a menu, it’s almost always what I’ll order. And every time, right before that first bite, I long for the familiarity and comfortness, that sense of simple, unpretentious deliciousness. [READ MORE]

Black eyed beans, smoked mackerel & caper leaves

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Black eyed beans, smoked mackerel & caper leaves

I first had this dish two summers ago at a tiny restaurant in a tiny village in Milos island. We had arrived there on a hot, hot, hot afternoon, following my mom’s directions and her very fond memories of the village she had visited with my dad while she was pregnant. After a very brief stroll around, during which I was constantly repeating over and over again how hungry I was (it’s kinda like my mantra), we started looking for a place to eat. We randomly stopped by that minimally beautiful little restaurant and ordered almost everything on the menu. And what a menu it was: all fish and vegetables, super seasonal and local. And when the food arrived and we had our first bite, we were in love (at least I was). [READ MORE]

Baked sardines

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One of the ingredients from back home I miss the most is fish. Don’t get me wrong- you can find many delicious varieties in London and, since I eat fish at least twice a week, I enjoy them thoroughly. But, there’s something about Greek fish I just can’t get over; maybe it’s that I’ve associated them with my mom’s cooking (huge fish fan, barely cooks meat, etc) and especially with the world’s most delicious fish soup I grew up eating; maybe it’s because I’ve had fish and seafood so many times by the sea, like literally, a few steps from the water, on warm, starry nights, carefree and happy. [READ MORE]

Marinated anchovies

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My mother grew up in a city by the sea, where fish was not only in abundance, but you could also buy it daily from the docks, straight after it came out of the water. One of her fondest childhood memories was from her father coming home, early in the morning, post fish shopping. He would toss the fresh fish on the kitchen sink, clean and gut it, while updating my grandma on the equally fresh news of the day. He then made preparations to cook it when he’d come back from work, since my grandma’s charm and effervescence was equal to her lack of enthusiasm or willingness to be involved in any kind of house chore. As the eldest, my mom had to learn to cook from a very early age, and since then, fish has been quite predominant in her repertoire.