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Squid ink pasta

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When I was a teenager, I would decide whether I liked someone or not depending on how they answered a simple answer: what’s your favourite band? I think my answer was always ‘The Velvet Underground’ because I really, truly loved them- and still do; also, because I thought they were so cool, so me liking them would automatically also make me cool (I doubt that it actually worked- I’m pretty sure I was not considered cool in high school). [READ MORE]

Cavolo nero, pine nut & cranberry quick pasta

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Last Friday night I arrived back home in Athens for the holidays. Ever since, I’ve been in the midsts of a tornado of love, affection, confrontation and laziness. Along with my sister, I’ve also been caught up in a semi-frantic, absolutely childish, totally satisfying holiday mode, which includes blow up candycanes, so many fairy lights, very moderate wine drinking, beautiful festive flowers, gift buying and wrapping and lots and lots of menu and party planning. [READ MORE]