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Strawberry love

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Delicious recipes from some of my favourite blogs; sweet, savoury & refreshing, they’re full of strawberry love and are sure to inspire you too! Strawberries, these little pink-red, heart-shaped beauties, they always take my breath away. It’s not just their looks; their taunt, chubby flesh, so sweet and juicy, is a temptation I’ve never been […]

Food for thought

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All about food in this food for thought: delicious cocktails, extraordinary ladies, a gorgeous seasonal pizza & healthy sandwiches.  Happy Friday, everyone! It feels like spring is finally here- although London weather has a reputation for being notoriously and at times charmingly unpredictable. None the less, we’ve had lots of sunshine the past few days, […]

Spicy & lemony linzer cookies

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These past few days, I’ve been longing for some extra Christmas spirit-ness and festiveness and joy and whatnot. The house is fully (yet not full on) decorated, our Christmas jumpers are out and some most of the presents are wrapped; yet there was something missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it for a while […]

Persimmon & apple french toast

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My love for breakfast has been well documented here. I’m down for almost anything, almost every morning. Οn week days, I like to keep things simple with quick smoothies, full of goodness and flavour, or crunchy and perfectly sweet homemade granola, a nutty bar or hot and creamy quinoa. Some days though call for eggs […]

Food for thought

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We got married last Friday and let me tell you, those cliches about weddings, they’re all true: the month leading up to the day was a damn stressful one, filled with all sorts of tension, bickering and mini fights and the day of was the best goddamn day ever.

Toast 3 ways

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One of the things rarely found in our kitchen is bread. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE bread, both making and (even more) eating it. The main reason for its absence is simple: bakeries are not the same here as back home. Seriously, Greece seems to have a bakery in almost every corner; each is filled […]

Strawberries & cream cheese bread pudding

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I’ve sang the praises (and told you all about our first encounter and totally bombing my first attempt) of bread pudding here. Since then, bread pudding and I have been thick as thieves albeit mostly in theory: I’m still crazy about it, yet it’s been a long time since I last lay my eyes or […]

40ft Brewery

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First I met the Irish, Steve (founder of Root & Bone), then one of the Swedes, Andreas. They’re both photographers, working at the large Dalston studio where Mike often spends the better part of his day (and night). Both are funny, sweet and polite and, as I find out soon after, they’re also making their […]

No-churn coffee, choc chip & hazelnut ice-cream

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When I was little, the first ice-cream I had always marked the beginning of summer. It was almost always the same: two big round crunchy chocolate cookies, drenched in chocolate ganache, with vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between them. Heaven. I still have the same and it still marks the official start of the holidays for me, even though […]