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Halloumi, avocado & red pepper sandwich

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Made with some of my favourite ingredients, this halloumi, avocado & red pepper sandwich is fresh, delicious and filled with colours and textures! Just the promise of sunshine and warm weather suffices; it fills me with a child-like anticipation and a strange kind of energy, waking up at the crack of dawn, impatient for the glorious […]

Egg, cress & radish sandwich

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This humble egg, cress & radish sandwich is as simple and unassuming as it sounds and as delicious as each one of its parts. Make a lot, they definitely won’t go to waste. I love a good sandwich; one that’s made with a fine, not too complex, not too artisan-y and whatnot, bread and a […]

Nordic open-faced sandwiches

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These Nordic open-faced sandwiches have been the most fun I’ve had in the kitchen lately. I love an large array of mise-en-place when preparing a dish- the OCD side of me feels perfectly at home- and if the little bits and bobs I need to plate are extra pretty (like the ones I used here), […]

Food for thought

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A bittersweet food for thought: filled with summer vibes and dishes, travel and attire inspiration and the always perfect David Bowie. Τhis week has been filled with intense bittersweetness: there’s sunshine and early summer beauty all around; my sister and friends are in town- which is always makes me very happy, very hungry and a little […]

Strawberry love

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Delicious recipes from some of my favourite blogs; sweet, savoury & refreshing, they’re full of strawberry love and are sure to inspire you too! Strawberries, these little pink-red, heart-shaped beauties, they always take my breath away. It’s not just their looks; their taunt, chubby flesh, so sweet and juicy, is a temptation I’ve never been […]

Food for thought

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All about food in this food for thought: delicious cocktails, extraordinary ladies, a gorgeous seasonal pizza & healthy sandwiches.  Happy Friday, everyone! It feels like spring is finally here- although London weather has a reputation for being notoriously and at times charmingly unpredictable. None the less, we’ve had lots of sunshine the past few days, […]