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Egg, cress & radish sandwich

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This humble egg, cress & radish sandwich is as simple and unassuming as it sounds and as delicious as each one of its parts. Make a lot, they definitely won’t go to waste. I love a good sandwich; one that’s made with a fine, not too complex, not too artisan-y and whatnot, bread and a […]

Nordic open-faced sandwiches

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These Nordic open-faced sandwiches have been the most fun I’ve had in the kitchen lately. I love an large array of mise-en-place when preparing a dish- the OCD side of me feels perfectly at home- and if the little bits and bobs I need to plate are extra pretty (like the ones I used here), […]

Spicy & lemony linzer cookies

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These past few days, I’ve been longing for some extra Christmas spirit-ness and festiveness and joy and whatnot. The house is fully (yet not full on) decorated, our Christmas jumpers are out and some most of the presents are wrapped; yet there was something missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it for a while […]

Persimmon & apple french toast

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My love for breakfast has been well documented here. I’m down for almost anything, almost every morning. Οn week days, I like to keep things simple with quick smoothies, full of goodness and flavour, or crunchy and perfectly sweet homemade granola, a nutty bar or hot and creamy quinoa. Some days though call for eggs […]

Food for thought

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We got married last Friday and let me tell you, those cliches about weddings, they’re all true: the month leading up to the day was a damn stressful one, filled with all sorts of tension, bickering and mini fights and the day of was the best goddamn day ever.

Toast 3 ways

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One of the things rarely found in our kitchen is bread. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE bread, both making and (even more) eating it. The main reason for its absence is simple: bakeries are not the same here as back home. Seriously, Greece seems to have a bakery in almost every corner; each is filled […]