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Beet & kumquat salad with maple & blood orange dressing

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The prettiest beet & kumquat salad with maple & blood orange dressing, perfectly finished with delicate greens, almonds & feta.

Beet & kumquat salad with maple & blood orange dressing

I love this salad so much! It’s filled with so many different colours and textures and hits pretty much every note: sweet and salty, lightly bitter and sweet, fresh yet filling. The beginning of it all were blood oranges, those precious winter beauties with the impossibly pretty colour and lovely juice; and from there, I just started adding layers and layers of favourite ingredients: delicate green and purple leaves, some thinly sliced bittersweet kumquats from my seemingly endless supply and quickly pickled red & yellow beets. All those colours… I mean! [READ MORE]

Honeyed kumquats, yogurt & thyme

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Honeyed kumquats are a real treat, especially for breakfast, served with thick yogurt & fragrant thyme over crunchy toast. 

I’ve gone back and forth before deciding what to do with the heaps of kumquats from my parents minuscule trees. While your suggestions inspired both research and tremendous appetite, I found it almost impossible to settle on a recipe. While I was trying to make up my mind, I must have eaten a third of them, with no preparation at all, pith, seeds and all. I just find them so very delicious, impossibly fragrant, lightly bitter and with a lovely texture. I’ve added them to salads in place of oranges and in warming, creamy oats and, before deciding anything else, I knew I had to make my mom’s delicious kumquat marmalade. And yet, I didn’t. See, they were so pretty, so bright and shapely I refused to chop them down. Instead, I made a preserve of sorts. [READ MORE]