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No-churn coffee, choc chip & hazelnut ice-cream

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When I was little, the first ice-cream I had always marked the beginning of summer. It was almost always the same: two big round crunchy chocolate cookies, drenched in chocolate ganache, with vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between them. Heaven. I still have the same and it still marks the official start of the holidays for me, even though now that I’m all grown-up and able to make (all wise) decisions, I have ice-cream all year around. [READ MORE]

Very chocolatey hazelnut brownies

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It really doesn’t take much to throw a successful dinner party; as I’ve shared on Monday’s post, as long as you get a bit organised with the prep required, being surrounded by good friends alone is a guarantee for a fun night in. Even though preparing and plating appetisers is my favourite ‘before’ step, the part of the meal I always anticipate the most is the dessert. [READ MORE]

Peanut butter & cream cheese chocolate balls

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I think everyone will agree that a day which includes chocolate is a better day (I should know- most of my days do). I’m not a snob when it comes to chocolate, although I do prefer the darker varieties, especially the ones with sea salt (damn, even thinking about it, my day gets better). I’m even less of a snob when it comes to cooking with it: I often go classic and just add it in cakes and cookies, I’ve dunked fruit in there, I’ve mixed it with nuts and spread it on brioches and croissants. There’s also a pretty cool beef stew I like to make, with just a touch of cocoa in the sauce, which always makes me want to eat meat more often. [READ MORE]