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Leek, cherry & goat cheese tart

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Leek, cherry & goat cheese tart

Tarts are one of my favourite things to eat, throughout the year and at all times of the day. To begin with, I love the different textures: the crumbly, at times crunchy exterior, usually bursting with buttery deliciousness and the usually soft, even juicy filling. And then there’s the endless variety of that soft juicy filling: sweet or savoury, fruity and sticky, sweet or a little sour, cheesy and herby- practically everything can be turned into a delicious tart. Ain’t that grand? [READ MORE]

Cherry cheesecake

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I have a ferocious sweet tooth- shock right there, huh? Yeah, in case it hasn’t been clear from the many dessert recipes and ramblings I’ve been posting here, I thought I’d underline it, just to be clear. Lately, I’ve been getting my hands mostly on ice-creams and sorbets; it’s not that hot in London, but hell, it’s June, it’s summer and that’s all the excuse one needs for such things. [READ MORE]