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Summer brunch in Athens

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This summer brunch in Athens combines some of my favourite things: delicious little bites, good friends, good vibes and the sublime Athenian light.

Summer brunch in Athens

A few days ago, I got to spend a few hours with two of my favourite bloggers- who also happen to be two of my favourite people: Ifigeneia and Calliope, the creative minds and talent behind Teapot and Madame Gâteaux respectively. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so the first couple of hours (more like three, maybe four) were spent mostly catching up and gossiping about mutual acquaintances, rather than trying to set up for our brunch and photo shoot. I wouldn’t have it any other way: one of summer’s (and life’s) greatest pleasures is spending time in a beautiful garden (surrounding Madame Gâteaux’s brand new tea room), with good friends, over cold coffee, exchanging news and ideas. If your sister happens to join too and there’s also a delicious meal to be enjoyed at the end, then the day is close to perfect. [READ MORE]

Cherry cheesecake

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I have a ferocious sweet tooth- shock right there, huh? Yeah, in case it hasn’t been clear from the many dessert recipes and ramblings I’ve been posting here, I thought I’d underline it, just to be clear. Lately, I’ve been getting my hands mostly on ice-creams and sorbets; it’s not that hot in London, but hell, it’s June, it’s summer and that’s all the excuse one needs for such things. [READ MORE]