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Green baked eggs with spicy yogurt

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These delicious green baked eggs with spicy yogurt are packed with crunchy cavolo nero & fresh herbs. Serve with a good drizzle of olive oil & crusty bread. It’s been a while since I last posted an egg recipe here; In fact, it’s been a while since I last made eggs. I vaguely remember a […]

Lemony & spicy eggs en cocotte

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The last week or so has been kinda different; Mike’s in LA on business (and by business I mean the freakin’ OSCARS, for which Stutterer, the little gem he did the cinematography for, has been nominated WON AN ACADEMY AWARD! Wait, what?!?) and I’m in London, up to my eyeballs in work . Since he left, […]

Pepper, harissa & basil baked eggs

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My father is quite rarely mentioned here. He almost never talks about food- he barely discusses the recipes I share on the blog, although he’s told me over and over again that he likes the stories I write. Sometimes, he also comments on mistakes he finds- which doesn’t surprise me at all. When I was in College, I had once […]

Easter eggs

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You gotta have eggs for Easter, right? Chocolate or hard boiled ones, in beautiful colours. I’m used to Easter eggs being painted red and smashed together, two at a time, with the winner being the one whose egg remained intact. We always spent the Easter holidays in the mountains and the eggs to be dyed were white, fresh from […]

Baked chickpeas with capers, olives & orange

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These simple and delicious baked chickpeas with capers, olives & orange only need friends to share with and lots of crusty bread.  Of all pulses, chickpeas are easily my favourites. Their smooth taste makes them irresistibly versatile and a great addition to so many dishes from silky hummus and veggie burgers to chunky soups and fragrant […]

Pea, pesto & egg salad with radishes & sourdough

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A pea, pesto & egg salad with radishes & sourdough as colourful as spring and as beautiful and fresh as the seasons inspires.  Somewhere between spring and summer (as it usually is the case in London- the weather jumps from winter to blasting heat and back again and again), I find myself overwhelmed, inspired, too hot […]

Strawberry, coconut & lemon cake

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Enjoying the season’s prettiest fruit with a delicious strawberry, coconut & lemon cake, dusted with way too much icing sugar. When I spot the first strawberries of the season, shinny, chubby and pinkish red, I can hardly contain my joy; as much as I love citrus and their juicy flesh and irresistible hues, strawberries for […]

Food for thought

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Today’s food for thought is very season appropriate: strawberry love, the future of food keeping cool in tiny house and ice cream macarons! Since the beginning of the week, the overwhelmingly beautiful weather has all of London flooding the streets, all smiles, few clothes and refreshing drinks and nibbles on hand. I’m following along, barely […]

Quinoa, red bean & mushroom veggie burger

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Generously flavoured with chipotle honey and herbs, these quinoa, red bean & mushroom veggie burger is delicious and a damn looker too! Inspired by the promises of delightfully warm, hot even, weather and bright sun at last, I’m sharing my favourite veggie budget recipe yet; as much as I love beef burgers, I so much […]