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Lemony & spicy eggs en cocotte

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The last week or so has been kinda different; Mike’s in LA on business (and by business I mean the freakin’ OSCARS, for which Stutterer, the little gem he did the cinematography for, has been nominated WON AN ACADEMY AWARD! Wait, what?!?) and I’m in London, up to my eyeballs in work . Since he left, […]

Pepper, harissa & basil baked eggs

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My father is quite rarely mentioned here. He almost never talks about food- he barely discusses the recipes I share on the blog, although he’s told me over and over again that he likes the stories I write. Sometimes, he also comments on mistakes he finds- which doesn’t surprise me at all. When I was in College, I had once […]

Easter eggs

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You gotta have eggs for Easter, right? Chocolate or hard boiled ones, in beautiful colours. I’m used to Easter eggs being painted red and smashed together, two at a time, with the winner being the one whose egg remained intact. We always spent the Easter holidays in the mountains and the eggs to be dyed were white, fresh from […]

Egg, cress & radish sandwich

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This humble egg, cress & radish sandwich is as simple and unassuming as it sounds and as delicious as each one of its parts. Make a lot, they definitely won’t go to waste. I love a good sandwich; one that’s made with a fine, not too complex, not too artisan-y and whatnot, bread and a […]

Cardamom & cocoa nib banana bread with coconut frosting

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Celebrating International Women’s Day with a cardamom & cocoa nib banana bread with coconut frosting. Sweet, powerful and perfect just the way it is. Days designated specifically for celebrating anything tend to make cringe; be it grilled cheese or Valentine’s Day, my first instinct is to revolt and mock relentlessly. Yet, I have made my peace with […]

Salmon & cream cheese crêpes

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Light and delicate, these salmon & cream cheese crêpes are perfect for any time of the day, as well as a great savoury addition to Pancake Day.   As a child and teenager, I seldom spent much time thinking about Easter and the traditions before and around it. See, I was fascinated by and forever enamoured with […]

Food for thought

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Today’s food for thought is all about pretty eggs, floral ice cubes, the future of Hollywood and the charm of college radio. I’ve been at home for the last few days and I could not be happier; things are both relaxed and very stressed, loving and intense, and all around overwhelming. I’ve been spending my time […]

How to read a recipe

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Does this sound a little patronising? It’s really not. I promise. I don’t have all the answers, I’m no authority, but I really really love a good story. And a good treasure hunt. And a good old list. Reading a recipe is not just about reading the damn thing. It’s pretty much a map of a […]