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Happy Easter

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Wishing y’all a very happy Easter with all the traditions, delicious dishes, colourful surroundings and chocolate your heart desires!

Happy Easter

As much as I was snubbing it as a rebellious teen, Easter is now one of my favourite times of the year; perhaps the fact that, for the past few years, I have been spending it away from my family has intensified a love I had no idea was there. It really does signify spring for me and all the beautiful things that come with it: colours, smells, brighter days and longer nights. I also find myself over and over again enchanted by the many traditions associated with it, the ones I grew up participating in (or pompously ignoring) and others I became aware of later on. [READ MORE]

Lemon zest & cardamom Easter cookies

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These lemon zest & cardamom Easter cookies are basically a slight variation of one of my favourite recipes from My little Expat kitchen.

Lemon zest & cardamom Easter cookies

As I’ve mentioned on Friday (and on past Easter-related posts), my family relishes traditions of any kind; my father especially, is drawn to activities that involves bells and whistles of any kind and preferably, if not necessarily, an audience. He therefore tirelessly participates in Easter traditions which are somewhat grand, aka meat preparation, and literally makes the entire process all about him. It is annoying, amusing and adorable in (almost) equal measures; at the same time, since he really knows what he’s doing, we just let him do it and take lots of photos while he does it, to keep him happy and motivated. What is always missing from the festivities is homemade desserts. Absolutely no baking took place in our house during the Easter holidays, so even though koulourakia (cookies) and tsoureki (a brioche-like sweet bread) were around, tempting the ones fasting, they never were homemade. [READ MORE]

Easter eggs

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You gotta have eggs for Easter, right? Chocolate or hard boiled ones, in beautiful colours. I’m used to Easter eggs being painted red and smashed together, two at a time, with the winner being the one whose egg remained intact. We always spent the Easter holidays in the mountains and the eggs to be dyed were white, fresh from our neighbour’s chickens, left on our front porch first thing in the morning. The dye was store-bought and mixed with water and vinegar would produce this intense crimson colour, which was beautiful and smelly and all around artificial. The most beautiful eggs were always the ones made by our neighbour: they were perfectly red and shiny, with the most gorgeous imprints from flowers and leaves. [READ MORE]