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This food for thought is all full of spring and anticipation for the coming week: Easter traditions, flower power, delicious cookies and wanderlust. 

food for thought

Growing up, the week before Easter was always quite significant; there were lots of traditions involved (some already existing, others having emerged through the years in our family), lots of preparations, fighting and making up. As these were always taking place in our village house, I remember it all so vividly: spring was powerful and omnipresent in the countryside, in every smell, every colour. Each passing moment was significant, different and filled with the season’s enchanting power. I haven’t spent Easter at home in a few years now, but in my heart, throughout this week, I am always there. It is one of my favourite illusions and cooking sustains it wonderfully. So stick around for a couple of my favourite recipes- Easter cookies are coming your way on Monday and tsoureki, my favourite sweet bread and an Easter staple, will make an appearance on Wednesday. Have a great weekend y’all!

London’s best Easter eggs hunts.

Easter traditions from around the world.

My favourite traditional Easter cookies come from Magda, over at My Little Expat Kitchen.

Easter covers of the New Yorker. I love the 1998 one.

There’s still time: best Easter holidays.

Speaking of holidays: 10 reasons to visit Athens- and they’re not nearly enough.

Flower inspiration (and insider’s tips).

Naturally dyed Easter eggs- blue, yellow, light brown and oh so pretty!

* Almost all green, entirely very springy lunch: avocados, mozzarella bits, poached egg and fresh herbs. 


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