Rise & shine! 5 steps for an easy breezy morning

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Rise & shine! 5 steps for an easy breezy morning

Ever since I was in school and for a long long time, mornings were my least favourite time of the day. I always struggled to wake up and when I did, I’d spend the next couple of hours grumpy and dragging my feet.

Things started to gradually change about 5 years ago, when Mike got his first (and only) office job. When I realised how miserable he was with his 9-5 schedule, I decided to wake up a little before him, make coffee and breakfast, put on some music and send him off on a pleasant note (soon after I also realised that he’d much rather be alone in the morning than having to deal with Joni Mitchell and my chatter, but by that time, I was already used to and liking my new schedule).

Since then, I have perfected my morning ritual with a few simple steps which help me start my day on a pleasant, easy breezy way.

1. Be cool

Get a good night’s sleep. It sounds pretty elementary, but a good day for me starts the previous night. If I have gotten enough hours of sleep (8 ideally, but 7 also does the trick), I can wake up without setting an alarm, which I love, as I wake up more smoothly. If you absolutely need an alarm to get out of bed, try not to hit the snooze button: the extra time you spend under the covers will be stressful and ultimately, you’ll only be postponing the inevitable.

2. Drink up

Once you’re up, don’t sleepily go for a cup of coffee- try warm water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice first. It will warm you up, do wonders for your health (I am convinced that my immune system is much stronger for it) and help your metabolism too.

3. Pause

Whether you continue with coffee, tea or breakfast, do so taking your time. Try not to open emails or do any chores- your your body and mind need some time to adjust to the new day, enjoy the quiet and savour some peaceful time before you dive into your schedule.

4. Get a move on!

If your schedule allows it, try to exercise in the morning; it will fill you up with energy-plus you’ll have gotten this part out of the way early on. While I always drag my feet on my way to the gym or a yoga class, I always end up leaving feeling energised and in a much better mood. Plus I’ve realised that if I don’t train in the morning, chances are I’ll be skipping my workout altogether.

5. Eat like a king (or queen)

I absolutely believe breakfast to be the most important meal of the day; it does not only fill our hungry tummies, but also provides the first hit of energy for the day, one that will hopefully keep us going for a few hours. Yet, it often ends up being an afterthought, which many of us put together hastily or even skip altogether. However, with a brief prep and some essentials in hand, it’s so easy to prepare different breakfast dishes that not only nourish and feed, but can also elevate our moods. From simple smoothies or smoothie bowls (which take mere minutes to prepare) and homemade granola with yogurt, to quick omelettes, overnight oats or a quinoa dish, there’s numerous options to satisfy your morning cravings. Just give your breakfast some time and thought.

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