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String beans with saffron, lemon & mustard vinaigrette

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Light, simple and delicious, these string beans with saffron, lemon & mustard vinaigrette are the perfect pair to any summer bbq. 

String beans with saffron & mustard vinaigrette

I’ve been in Greece for about two weeks now, hence my brief disappearance. If you’re following along here, you may have seen that the last couple of weeks have been quite the stunner. Visiting Messenia for the first time made my heart beat faster and filled my eyes with overwhelming views: deep blue sea and imposingly towering mountains, separated only by silver green olive trees, proud cypresses and the greenest rosemary shrubs as far as the eye could see. [READ MORE]

Egg, cress & radish sandwich

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This humble egg, cress & radish sandwich is as simple and unassuming as it sounds and as delicious as each one of its parts. Make a lot, they definitely won’t go to waste.

Egg, cress & radish sandwich

I love a good sandwich; one that’s made with a fine, not too complex, not too artisan-y and whatnot, bread and a filling which excites without becoming overwhelming. I’m always drawn to dishes which embrace and celebrate few ingredients- and sandwiches are one of the best ways to do a lot with very little. [READ MORE]