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Peanut butter & pretzel brownies

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Dangerously easy to make and filled with all sorts of deliciousness, these peanut butter & pretzel brownies are too good to skip. I have no idea what’s gotten into me; I should be making salads with every crunchy vegetable under this very bright, long overdue, sun; I should be, at least, starting experimenting with this […]

Very chocolatey hazelnut brownies

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It really doesn’t take much to throw a successful dinner party; as I’ve shared on Monday’s post, as long as you get a bit organised with the prep required, being surrounded by good friends alone is a guarantee for a fun night in. Even though preparing and plating appetisers is my favourite ‘before’ step, the […]

Lime & chilli brownies

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I made my very first batch of brownies back in high school, when my attempts in baking where few and far between, in the spur of the moment, amidst teenage chaos and drama, lack of organising or appreciation of ingredients.

Apricot & blueberry pie

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Buttery, crumbly, sweet and juicy, this apricot & blueberry pie is delicious on its own and even better with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. During colder months, apples and pears are my go to, both for a quick snack and for a pie. In the summer, I very happily switch to nectarines, peaches […]

Espresso loaf with cinnamon dark chocolate ganache

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Soft and lightly sweet, this espresso loaf with cinnamon dark chocolate ganache is discreetly fragrant and perfect when paired with more coffee.  One of the greatest pleasures of my day- in fact, the very first of them all- is coffee. Black, mildly strong and hot, sipped slowly while I gaze out the window or read […]

Happy Holidays!

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Christmas is just one short breath away! I literally cannot wait for the 25th and the week until the new year. Although I haven’t been feeling super festive this time around, I am still a sucker for all things Christmas and a believer in the holidays’ spirit. 2016 has been a weird one. It’s been […]

Favourite spices

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I often think that cooking is like putting together an outfit. Your basic ingredients are the garments and spices are all the little things that make an outfit special, like a great hat, a colorful scarf, a beautiful simple belt, a distinct piece of jewelry, a nice deep red lipstick or a killer pair of pumps. […]

Super rich Cointreau hot chocolate

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For someone that loves chocolate as much as I do (a lot!), the fact that hot chocolate leaves me quite indifferent is a little surprising. Every time I’m at a café with friends and one of them orders hot chocolate, I’m always shocked- of all the coffee and tea varieties available, why would you choose hot […]

Adrienne Katz Kennedy

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Adrienne Katz Kennedy, PR & Special Events Manager at the School of Wok, from Cleveland, OH, lives in Kingston I first met Adrienne back when I was doing an MA in Dance Anthropology; she was one of the first people I met and we instantly clicked. I thought she was cool, funny and interesting and after […]