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Food for thought: yes to eggs for dinner, mixing spices and citrus cocktails, Georgia O’Keeffe, healthy plants, berry cakes & cookies. 

food for thought

Compared to last week, which seemed to move like a lazy, annoyed, unmotivated slug, this was a hell of a ride. It was busy and fast, with lots of ups and some downs too; rewarding yet filled with anxiety and tension and two grand highlights: a few successful recipe experimentations (which I will be sharing in the following weeks) and On The Waterfront (which left me with significant crushes on both Brando and Saint). I am ready for the weekend, which will be spent without Mike but with visiting friends and a much needed ladies night in. Have a good one, y’all!

DOs and DON’Ts from food experts.

Up high on my ‘read next’ list.

…and this skirt on my ‘buy next’ list.

Can’t wait to give these gorgeous PB cookies (by Occasionally Eggs– love the name, btw) a try.

Speaking of cookies… Bakers and their moms’ baking tips. Love them all.

Taking care of your plants the right way.

Icon: Georgia O’Keeffe’s style.

This.cake. On repeat. Honestly.

* (Kinda) strawberries & cream breakfast: Greek yogurt, honey, strawberries & almonds on rye.

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