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This Food for thought is about home and refugees; a beloved Stutterer and a stellar Moonlight; easy mornings and easy lunches.  

Farro lunch

After spending a week in Athens, after only a few irresistibly sunny days which were all at once clamorous and intimately tranquil, nonchalant and deeply moving, I am back in London. Back in this mad beehive, back to my usual ways. I come bearing the signs of parents growing older and wiser and further away, the memories of a perfectly blinding sun and the remains of time passing by appropriately slow. I’ve returned home from home and there’s so much to be inspired by and think about:

An abandoned hotel in downtown Athens houses refugees and the philosophy behind it is truly inspiring.

Race and racism in America in 24 chapters.

“I doubt that I will see a better film than Moonlight this year.” (My thoughts exactly.)

The Oscars are on this Sunday and I can’t help but think back to last year’s ceremony, when Stutterer, my favourite little film, killed it. Love always.

The Brixton memorial for Bowie is a little ugly, a little bold and almost inexplicably makes perfect sense. (And you can contribute to it here.)

The prettiest dish I’ve seen in a while, courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen.

The art of meal planning.

5 steps to becoming (kind of) a morning person.

* Lunch  as it often is around here: farro, green & black beans, sliced raw beetroot, baby kale, grilled haloumi and a drizzle of lemony kefir.

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