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I’ve barely left the house since last Wednesday, as the nasty flu I’d caught turned to pneumonia. I’m exhausted, weak and lacking appetite (seriously!) and yet there’s been a few silver linings these last ten days: I’ve spend more time with Mike than I’ve had since our honeymoon, my gratitude towards Netflix is now at a new height (if you haven’t already, you need to watch Hip-Hop Evolution) and so is my appreciation for little things I was always kinda taking for granted. So, while I’m looking forward to going on a date again or cooking a full meal, I am grateful for being given this time off, the support of my family and the power of hydration. Stay positive, stay well, stay grateful x

Taking on the taboo- banned literature and the ways around it.

From catching waves to growing organic vegetables in Ireland.

I have a list of things I want to cook in the next few days and this is currently at the top.

Keeping things simple, chic and festive.

The fascinating past lives of hotels.

Dali’s cookbook is thankfully completely bonkers.

Wes Anderson’s Criterion Collection top ten. I am confused- and intrigued.

I may not have much of an appetite these days, but I’d still be game for one of these.

* Christmas is round the corner- yet I’m dreaming of warmer days, farm life and all these colours.

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