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Dawn Garcia

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So happy to be featuring the  mighty Dawn Garcia, creator + CEO of ATOD Magazine, print Editor of Lapalme, writer, screenwriter, host, mom and entrepreneur. 
Dawn Garcia
Mike met Dawn about a year ago, while in LA for the Academy Awards; he loved her instantly and just would not shut up about her energy, social skills and overall badassness. When we went to Cali for our honeymoon, she was at the top of our list of people we wanted to spend time with. When I finally met her… honestly, forget about her accomplishments and the very many hats she wears professionally; the most amazing things about Dawn are her generosity, warmth and adorable family. We spent an evening with them in their beautiful LA home and in no time, I felt that deep admiration, kinship and connection, that exquisite bond women share with each other, which is both empowering and an extraordinary driving force.