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Food for thought today is the heartbreaking beauty of adolescence, the magic of Harper Lee, outdoor cinemas and spicy breakfast eggs.

food for thought

The week after a holiday, no matter how short or long, how far or not at all, is always difficult. I struggle to get my bearings and stubbornly resist to succumb to any form of organised schedule. Yet, somehow, the week is almost passed- we’ve made it, almost to the other side. There’s so much left to be done, there should be very little rest on the weekend. But still, it’s the weekend, and we’ve almost made it unscathed and these two alone are perfect reasons to celebrate. Have a good one y’all!

London’s best locations for outdoor movies. I can’t wait!

Black & white portraits of adolescence. (I feel very inspired- and quite old…)

The benefits of a bilingual brain. Aha!

Snobby, precious cheeses of the world. I’m sold.

On “Mockingbird”, Harper Lee’s new biography.

Inspiration for my spring obsession: big earrings.

Best pizza(s) in London. (I know what I’m doing tonight).

One of my favourite Saturday lunch dishes: porcini & Romano pepper risotto.

* New favourite eggs recipe by Honestly Yum: spicy Turkish Deviled Eggs

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