Food for thought

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Food for thought: truths about women, recipes for the 60s, ordering wine & throwing a party like a boss and the simplest, most delicious breakfast toast.

Food for thought

After last night’s almost impromptu, utterly delicious and inspiring supper hosted by Georgina Hayden, I can officially declare this week one of my favourites in a long time. The unexpectedly, irresistibly sunny weather had me (and others, I’m sure) feeling light as a feather and in a constant kinda half-dreamy disposition. I have equally dreamy plans for the weekend too, which will be spent without my favourite man, but with most of my favourite women. There’s something delicious planned for this Sunday, which I will hopefully be sharing in the next few days, along with an interview with one hell of a lady. Stay tuned, stay cool.

A new Asian food hall is coming to London this summer and I’m already making a list (and checking it twice).

12 truths about women (honest, funny and still very very relevant).

Five beautiful poems that will (possibly) make your tear up. (I know WW always does the trick for me.)

On ordering wine like a boss.

How to throw a super cool party on a whim and a budget.

10 recipes that defined the 60s.

Suntan, a new Greek film, if quite high on my (long) list of movies to check out.

My favourite one-pot, five-ingredient pasta. Perfect math.

* Breakfast toast to fall in love with: Greek yogurt & peanut butter, fresh fruit, coconut flakes and a drizzle of honey.

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