Falling for fall (non edible edition)

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After a long, hot, relaxed summer, it’s back to school time. We’re back to our normal routine, perhaps quite reluctantly, perhaps not with the same enthusiasm we embrace our loose summer one. It’s fall, it’s here and apart from all these delicious recipes, there’s lots more to make you fall for the season over and over again.

And it all starts at home, with a few touches here and there, such as a bottle in the most gorgeous emerald green, or a candle in the most season-appropriate scent. (1, 4)

Having trouble getting up in the morning, the colder and darker it gets? Yup, same here. Try slipping into the softest robe and the fluffiest, warmest slippers and hide there, drinking hot strong tea from a pretty teapot until it’s time to leave the house. (3, 10, 2)

Speaking of things that keep us warm, let’s don’t forget the most essential: a cozy blanket, the only thing you’ll really need on a gloomy Sunday. That and breakfast in bed, going through inspiring cookbooks. This one is quite special. Because Pollock was quite special. And it turns out, he was quite the cook too. Wow. (12, 9, 8)

But wait, what about the times when we’ll bite the bullet and decide to leave the house? Let’s start with the perfect scarf, chunky enough to keep us warm and swanky enough to make us want to wear it everyday. (6)

And shoes too! Come fall, I tend to stick to boots, but this year, I plan to mix things up with a new pair of cool loafers in my favourite fall colour. (7)

Great shoes need a great bag too. Leopard print (and on sale)? Yes, always a good idea. (11)

Finally, right before heading out the door, add one last touch: a simple, yet stunning piece of jewellery to brighten your day (and night). (5)

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