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On today’s food for thought: coffee’s necessity, Mary Poppin’s charms, the absurdity of clean eating and the beauty of Dutch babies for breakfast.

Quinoa, fresh greens, radishes, avocado & 6min egg

The week has passed by quickly, but was neither very easily nor exciting. It’s super cold outside, both Mike and I are very busy and not in the best of moods and the days seem to quickly go by, but also kinda drag. On the plus side, I’ve played around with a couple hearty dishes (a chickpea curry may be coming your way soon), lots of quick plates full of fresh veggies and delicious grains and now have a new favourite banana bread. We are both looking forward to the weekend, which will include a much needed date night, a friend’s birthday and, hopefully, lots of lounging in bed. Have a great weekend, y’all!

Let’s start easy: gorgeous waves! (Daydreaming of summer holidays yet?)

The endless charm of Miss Mary Poppins.

And going back to reality: Can Trump’s rejection from the cultural élite actually change things?

Why do we drink coffee at breakfast?

Speaking of coffee, check this out. (Like for real? Thank you, Epicurious & Stanford!)

Clean eating is finally, slowly, showing its true colours.

Simple and easy on the eye Scandi interiors– all together now: declutter, simplify, keep things cool and minimal.

Our Sunday breakfast will include a savoury Dutch baby. Any topping suggestions are more than welcome!

* Mid-weed quick lunch with three-colour fluffy quinoa, fresh greens, radishes, avocado, a 6min egg, lots of lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper. 




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