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Weekend brunch, genius recipes, inspiring books, series and music, the best way to fight a cold and my favourite food-related advice.

White chocolate bark

This week went by in a flash. It was mostly sunny (but very cold), mostly creative and filled with some experimentation with date fudge (delicious) and protein bars (not so delicious). We have a busy weekend coming up: there will be pie making for National Pie Day, some homeware shopping (I’m loving Oliver Bonas right now), aperitivos with friends and a Sunday brunch I am really looking forward to (here are some great recommendations for the whole of UK). How’s your weekend looking?

I’ve been reading this and watching this and would recommend them both- old London’s decadent allure in all its glory!

Speaking of great TV series: the story behind this exceptional soundtrack.

The loneliness of the subway nap. Beautiful.

Cooking with snow– would you give it try?

Eat what you love, it’s that simple. (First came across this here, thanks Miranda!)

Genious and in the top ten- recipes you should really try!

The healing properties of hot toddies. Get on it, under the weather or not.

Remember how we talked about the joy and usefulness of reading a recipe? Well, how cool is Jacques Pepin’s opposite view on the matter (and Jacques Pepin in general)?

* Working on a white chocolate bark, with dried berries, edible stardust and a bit of colour.


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