Pretty ceramic bowls

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For the past couple of years, when browsing at thrift and vintage stores, instead of looking for cool clothes and accessories, I tend to mostly keep an eye out for things that help fuel my passion (cooking and eating), but most importantly items that will stay with me for a long time and which I will enjoy over and over again in meals with friends.

One of my favourite investments is ceramic bowls; from classic plain monochromatic ones, to more colorful and patterned, I love them all. And while in London I’m quite space-restrained, I still look for them every once in a while, slowly building a small collection. In the meantime, I draw inspiration online, as well as from the ones my mom has, especially in our summer house: most she’s had for years and every time I use them, they bring back many memories.

Summer eats don’t need much to look stunning, the ingredients usually pretty much suffice; but serving a fresh salad, a quick pasta dish or a selection of summer fruit on a pretty ceramic bowl certainly goes a long way. So simple and so pretty, just like our favourite ingredients of the season.




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