Gift Guide: for the One and Only (aka mom)

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One of the reasons I love the holiday season so much is the gifts that come with it.  A couple years ago, a few days before Christmas and while I was giving my dad an elaborate speech about the benefits of recycling, he told me, in his usual deadpan in-your-face manner, that another great way to recycle would be to buy less. As much as I hate to admit it, he has a point; there could be a lot less shopping, spending and consuming going around, especially during the holidays. In that frame of mind, and because I really really love presents, I have compiled 5 gift guides of few selected items, all under £ 50: for your mom (she deserves her own list, don’t you think?), for guys, for your minimalist friends, one for foodies/ cooks and one for books and music. Even though they are not holiday specific (unless edible, I actually find seasonal gifts kinda useless, even annoying), I hope that they will inspire your Christmas shopping and get you in the holiday spirit: less spending, more love. That’s the spirit.


My mom is awful when it comes to shopping for her family. For as long as I can remember myself, she’s been giving my dad, my sister and me pjs and slippers for Christmas and a random, usually useless, very expensive gift for New Years. But she is so lovely and so easy to shop for, she deserves every item on this list, and lots more.

1. At home, my mom is often surrounded by 3 loud, opinionated, LOUD individuals; perhaps that’s why she loves spending so much time with her plants, flowers and gardening tools.

2.The best mascara– works even for my mom, who is the clumsiest when it comes to applying make up.

3. Snuggly cape– to keep our moms warm- and stylish.

4. Chanel in her own words– gotta love a bold, stylish, feisty woman.

5. After so much gardening and cooking, a great hand cream is in order- preferably one that smells amazing too.

6. Cocoa dusted almonds. Does your mom also have a sweet tooth?

7. Liberty has the best eye masks– so pretty and with a discrete lavender smell.

8. Make up bag for that mascara- in the colour du jour.

9. The perfect vintage little black bag– or anything from Margot’s store, really.

10. Black onyx little earrings, for just the right amount of sparkle.

11. You only need one cream- especially for winter. This one.

12. My mom is the queen of thank-you gifts and notes, so this V&A card collection would come in very handy.

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    Loved this gift list – looking forward to read the remaining 5 🙂

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