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Baked beans with harissa, chorizo & sun dried tomatoes

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Comforting as they are simple, these baked beans with harissa, chorizo & sun dried tomatoes remind me of home and speak to my heart. 

Baked beans with harissa, chorizo & sun dried tomatoes

How happy am I to be back here after what seems like forever! I have been working on projects almost non stop for the last couple of months and even though I much enjoy collaborations and the challenges and joy they bring, cooking purely for pleasure, following a craving or inspired by an ingredient is always what I love the most. That and sharing it all here. [READ MORE]

Summer brunch in Athens

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This summer brunch in Athens combines some of my favourite things: delicious little bites, good friends, good vibes and the sublime Athenian light.

Summer brunch in Athens

A few days ago, I got to spend a few hours with two of my favourite bloggers- who also happen to be two of my favourite people: Ifigeneia and Calliope, the creative minds and talent behind Teapot and Madame Gâteaux respectively. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so the first couple of hours (more like three, maybe four) were spent mostly catching up and gossiping about mutual acquaintances, rather than trying to set up for our brunch and photo shoot. I wouldn’t have it any other way: one of summer’s (and life’s) greatest pleasures is spending time in a beautiful garden (surrounding Madame Gâteaux’s brand new tea room), with good friends, over cold coffee, exchanging news and ideas. If your sister happens to join too and there’s also a delicious meal to be enjoyed at the end, then the day is close to perfect. [READ MORE]

Strawberry & tomato bruschetta with balsamic reduction

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I always think of May as the most charming month. It brings with it warm, long days and breezy nights; it calls for lighter clothes and an even lighter frame of mind; it’s filled with a strong sense that the anticipation for summer is almost over. Every year, right around this time, my mind is gone. Gone, all over the place gone. And I love it. It makes me feel like a teenager again, but you know, a wiser, cooler, tougher teenager, one that knows what’s up. Actually, scratch that last part- May comes and I really don’t know what’s up for the first few days. Like I said, gone. [READ MORE]

Spicy green bean stew (Tesmole de ejotes)

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I love Mexican food; its ingredients (I mean, limes, avocados, chillies, corn, beans, tortillas, tequila, you get it, right?), the heat and flavours, all those vibrant colours and different textures. When I was about 11 or 12, I went with my sister, my mom and one of her friends to a Mexican restaurant. That’s my earliest memory of Mexican food (lots of heat, tons of flavour and so so many tortilla chips) and also my earliest memory of having eaten so much I could barely move. Literally. Thank God the restaurant was up on a small hill and we had to walk down to our house. To this day, most of my Mexican (or Mexican- inspired) meals are more or less the same: heat, flavour, tortilla chips- minus the over-excited overeating and plus a couple Margaritas. [READ MORE]

Spring pasta salad

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I was reading an article about hipsters the other day; apparently you guys, hipsters are no more. So long hipsters. Somewhere in the article, foods served in jars were mentioned. Huh. So jars are not just convenient storing devices for your pantry, they’ve also been touched by hipsterism. Huh. Do you see the photo above? The big jar, chock full of goodness? Hipster. [READ MORE]


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As I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t often cook meat- I’m not a vegetarian and don’t dislike meat, but I usually find myself mostly inspired by vegetables and their different colours, shapes and textures, plus I can’t resist the simplicity that cooking fish requires. Mostly, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to meat and don’t really know what to do with it. There are however certain meat dishes I thoroughly enjoy, so I timidly make the effort of making them from time to time. [READ MORE]