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Spicy mango & lime chicken tacos

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Spicy mango & lime chicken tacos

Who was it that invented food trucks? Especially those serving quick, perfectly flavoured, spicy little bites of food wrapped in something delicious? Who was that genius mastermind? My hat off to them, because all of the above describe one of my favourite things to eat and pretty much sum up the perfect summer bite.¬†More specifically, tacos. Spicy mango & lime chicken tacos¬†even more specifically. The one taco recipe I’ve shared here before is filled with flavours and veggies and this one follows the same principles: lots of freshness, lots of colour, a little heat- pretty much all you need for that perfect bite. [READ MORE]

Prawn tacos with cauliflower & broccoli couscous

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This dish was more of an afterthought than an actual plan. More of an exercise on what to do when a random pile of groceries lands on your kitchen counter than a carefully planned cooking strategy. The other day, my significant other came home bearing groceries. Shock and joy- as it doesn’t happen often. Like at all. Smiles all over- smiles which were quickly replaced by a silent WTF. And then a loud one. [READ MORE]