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Spicy bread & tomato salad (panzanella)

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Crusty sourdough, fresh juicy tomatoes and harissa turn this hearty and spicy panzanella into the perfect quick summer dish. 

Spicy bread & tomato salad (panzanella)

Just have a quick look at my Instagram these days- it’s a tomato extravaganza, my own summery inspiration wall, a love letter to the season’s true queen. All hail the tomato and its beauty! I am not a purist when it comes to almost anything, but I do discriminate between tomatoes from back home and those from anywhere else. And when I say home, I mean it literally, my family’s country house, where we grow everything that summer is made of: the juiciest tomatoes in all sizes, crusty cucumbers, small green peppers, some spicy, some not, white, chubby aubergines, the most fragrant herbs and sweet/ tart plums in the most gorgeous purple. It’s all there and my summers are made of them on repeat. [READ MORE]

Happy list (summer edition)

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I didn’t always love summer; when I was a kid, I prefered Christmas and the presents and abundance of desserts that came with it. After I finished school though and started to have parent-free holidays, I began to appreciate the beauty of spending countless hours on the beach, summer lovin’, island hopping and, most importantly, the abundance of ice-creams available. [READ MORE]